Pets on the Ranch

Guess who is loving his new home on the ranch?

This big guy! He loves being able to run without being on a leash. He loves being able to go potty without a leash. I think he’s really loving all the freedom and no boundaries. Don’t be fooled though, he is still an all inside doggy! He doesn’t prefer to be outside longer than about 30 minutes. If General is outside working Bailey has to be right by his side…for about 30 minutes. Then he patiently sits by the front door waiting for me to let him inside. We haven’t let him near the pond yet because I’m not looking forward to the daily bathes after pond time. A month after we moved (We moved in May) we decided we need to find us an outside kitty. We quickly learned once the field was nicely cut the mice (I call them rats) had to find a new home…we quickly nipped that in the bud. Bailey’s not much help when it comes to catching mice…so we adopted Midnight aka “Night Night.”

(sorry for the poor photo quality) I am not a cat person….BUT, I prefer a cat over mice. Midnight is such a sweet kitty. Bailey and Midnight aren’t really friends. Bailey doesn’t understand his boundaries and he surely hasn’t figured out if he chases the cat, the cat will end up in the tree. I’m invisioning the two being friends one day, but we shall see. We also found a new little”pet” roaming around the ranch about 2 weeks ago.

This dude. General did some research and found out this little guy is a Gopher Turtle. Thankfully we just moved him a little closer to the pond and let him have his way. This turtle was a fast little joker! We also realized later the big hole in the yard was dug by him. We haven’t seen him since. I’m sure we’ll have more “pets” show up along the way. Hopefully nothing too terrifying! We have bats too. I haven’t really been too keen on trying to get their picture. I don’t know too much about them. We do think they are helping keep the mosquitos away.

So far, I’ve been pleased with living on “the ranch.” I’m excited as we are finally making a little progress to become settled. We still need grass. That’s hopefully on the to do list next weekend! Saturday we plan to replace our front door, finish the front deck, and finish painting the shop. I’m hoping we will have decent weather to get a lot accomplished.


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I guess I should have recognized before now … But I misspelled PINTEREST in my last post. Guess that’s a biggy?!? Oh well

(update: I went back and corrected the spelling)

Since I last posted about my addiction with Pinterest, the General and I have tried multiple new recipes and even made some blueberry syrup. Hopefully the next few days I can share our recipe we used (when I am at the computer). I’ve also learned in the past few days I still burn a few pancakes every time I try to make them, but I can make a tasty cobbler!

We have been very busy with projects around the “ranch.” We have a lot of “almost” completed projects. I can’t wait until we start seeing our progress. I know then we will definitely feel like this place is home. I would like to keep up with all our projects on here to look back and see how far we’ve come. Until then… I will just keep thinking of the next project on the list!

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Are you a lover of Pinterest? I recently became addicted. My productivity levels have been slacking lately because I spend endless hours looking and searching. We are hoping to remodel some around our house in the next few months and the ideas are flowing like crazy!

What products do you like? Which website get your creativity flowing?

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These things have brighten my day today. It obviously doesn’t take much, but they have been a nice summery refresher for this busy week! I’ve been preparing for my 3 year old class at Vacation Bible School which starts Sunday. I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to spend a little time with the precious kids.

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Quick Catch Up

From my last post (before the iPhone) a lot happened within a month.  To catch up on everything here’s a list of the following events.

April 12th – I took my first “big girl” architecture test. It was a bit overwhelming. I started with the tough one first. Pass or Fail I was still going to be motivated. I have the first one under my belt, right? This is also the day I got my iPhone 🙂

April 15th-17th – The General and I went to Nashville for one of General’s friends wedding. It was such a great weekend. It flew by!

April 18th-30th – These days were spent packing, cleaning, multiple trips to the Goodwill, etc

April 25th – I got my results from my test….They were not what I was hoping, but not much of a surprise. Guess I’ll take it again in 6 months.

May 5th – We loaded up and hauled moved everything to a place we can finally call home.

May 12th-16th – I enjoyed a nice vacation to New York with my sister, cousin, and aunt. We had a blast! I’ve never packed so much fun into 4 days! Hopefully I can do a quick post soon about all the events…before I forget.

May 20th-26th – The General was out of town for work. It was just me and Bailey hanging around and playing after work.

All that to say, between the craziness of moving, getting settled, a trip to New York, and the General on a business trip…I’m ready for a get-away with my husband! Not sure that will happen any time soon, but we’re looking for some free time on the calendar. However, last night we were able to get in a little time together watching the sunset. It was one of the first times since we have moved we sat down and enjoyed the outdoors together. I’ll leave you with a lovely picture from last night.

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iheart iPhone

I still haven’t gotten the hang of this blogging on a daily monthly basis down yet! However, I’ve still be a faithful follower to many of my favorite blogs. I recently saw a post about someone’s favorite iPhone apps. It kicked my iPhone happiness into gear. I recently upgraded to a smart phone, and I haven’t looked back! Since Kristin over at The Little Princess Diaries (Hey Kristin!) called me out today, I decided I better update and share my favorite iPhone apps. I’ve only been an iPhone user since April, but I have spent a few hours looking for the “cool” apps. And, since I haven’t found any apps that just blow my skirt up, I haven’t paid for any apps yet. I’m sure that’s just a matter of time.

The first page of my phone looks like this:

Nothing too spectacular here…just the basics.  I forgot to take a screen shot of the “Utilities” folder but other than the basics that come with the phone I have a Graphing Calculator, and a “Convert Units” app. These were added by the General. I might need these one days…and I’m sure he was thinking of me when he added them.

Page 2:

Pandora is a big hit for me. I’ve listen to Pandora since the college days and have plenty of playlists created. This is a great app for the gym since my laptop crashed and I lost most all my music in iTunes…I haven’t uploaded any music to my iPhone.

Tunein Radio is also a fun app to listen to. You can listen to any radio station any time, any where. (even a little Dave Ramsey).

We aren’t Netflix users so the Crackle app is what I use to watch a movie here or there if I’m waiting or wasting a little time.

My 2 newest apps on this page are the Lose It app and the Fast Food app. Lose It is a great way to track your calorie in-take and weight loss. The Fast Food app tells you the calories of most all foods at your favorite fast food joint. It allows you to pick the “healthier” option on the go!

I’m not much of a tweeter, but I do follow a few of my favorite blogs and celebrities.

Page 3:

This page is mainly for the General. I find the flashlight useful when I forget to leave the porch light on or trying to make my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We keep up with our budget through Mint. It’s the best thing for us. The General handles paying the bills, but I can keep up with each account and our monthly budget with just one click. It keeps us both on the same page with our finances. I really like the mint app when it’s getting closer to the end of the month and we’re trying to stay within our restaurant or grocery budget.

Back to the Photography Folder:

This is my favorite “page” in the entire phone!

Photoshop Express is great for simply editing your photos on your phone. (crop, sharpen, adjust saturation, etc.)

Scribble is helpful in creating simple notes or drawing a simple layout that comes to mind. It’s super fun to draw on the pictures within your phone. Want to create your husband, kids, or the dog as the Easter Bunny? Yeah, I find it amusing.

Instagram allows you to add filters to your photos. You can also follow other users. I haven’t played with “following” others, but if you want to follow me my user name is Rach8522. Guess that’s all you need? Maybe someone can clue me in on this.

CamWow is my favorite app. You know how all Apple products have the “funny” camera settings? That’s CamWow. I have the free app so it shows the CamWow watermark on all the photos but you can upgrade if you would like. Maybe one day I’ll just do a little post on my funny CamWow pictures.

I haven’t used the Color Effects much but the photo of the app is pretty straight forward. Turn any picture into black and white and accent any color by simply “painting” over it.

Wink is a new app I found from a friend. You can create photo strips with any of your pictures from your phone or even Facebook. You can them send your photo strip to be printed online.

Back to the Game Folder:

This is pretty straight forward. We love Angry Birds…once we passed all the levels we went back and tried to get 3 stars on every level. There are only 2 levels shy of the 3rd star. Those levels are driving me bonkers!

I have never played the sheep game. I rarely play pac-man….but they are there just in case I get bored.

I enjoy Words with other iPhone users. My friend with a droid prefers WordFeud. They’re basically the same thing. Scrabble with friends!

And of course, a little Sudoku.

So there you have it. All my iPhone goodness. What’s your favorite app(s)? Any other good suggestions?

I suppose I should have prefaced the post with the fact the General still has his little dandy flip phone, and he’s sticking with it. We “share” the iPhone. Since we recently moved, we have been without internet for about 3 weeks now. This phone as been a life saver. We are both still happy with the decision to take the plunge to the smartphone world.

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Work weeks

Nothing like 2 day work weeks around here. Too bad I haven’t gotten to enjoy those off days by a pool. Those college days spent by the pool have been missed lately!

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